Mary Ratcliffe is the founder of Mary Ratcliffe Studio (M.R.S) Mary’s work is often described to have an elegant toughness. M.R.S builds furniture with the a love for the ying and the yang, the feminine and the masculine, the soft and the tough.

Compulsively building since she was a child, Mary attended the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCADU) and went on to establish her studio in 2013. To say that ‘it’s in her blood’ is an understatement–it’s also on her clothes, under her fingernails, and quite often on her face. The beauty that emerges from the grit fuels the passion behind her work. Countless hours spent in the shop has allowed Mary to develop proprietary techniques, finishes and colours that are now synonymous with the honest aesthetic of M.R.S.

Mary and her work have been featured in Toronto Life, The Toronto Star, CBC, the Globe and Mail, Design Lines and Vogue.